Obtainium Mystery Box: BIG Collection of Laser Optics - Mirrors, Filters, Glass


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Product Overview

Here's large assortment of laser-related optics pieces assembled into one distinctive offering.  Inside you will find laser mirrors, optical filters and related glass. This is an incredible deal if you're looking for this kind of tech!

We scour the world for tech deemed obsolete or too unique for the mainstream market. Often sourcing materials from government auctions, closed-down businesses, research facilities, etc.

These items are sorted and packaged into one-of-a-kind miscellanea, allowing you to purchase various uncommon items for a low price. Obtainium's Mystery Boxes are an economical and fun way to acquire, explore and enjoy unique technology.

Fast, free delivery via USPS is included in the purchase price.

All Obtainium Mystery Boxes are sold on a strictly first-come, first-serve basis.

Unless noted otherwise, items inside are in AS-IS condition, without warranty or guarantee of working condition. Let us know if you do not believe your Obtainium Mystery Box is of exceptional value.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do you get all this stuff? 

We've been buying and selling unique surplus technology since the late 1990s. Over that time, we've amassed quite an assortment of scientific and industrial materials from the government, research facilities, startups, and business liquidations, to name a few.

And mystery boxes are a great way for us to clean house and provide exceptional deals to you at the same time.

Is it still a mystery box if you're showing me pictures of what's inside? 

Yes! We provide pictures of each Obtainium Mystery Box's contents because we are often unfamiliar with their unique nature and need more knowledge to accurately describe them - hence, the mystery part of the box. Additionally, showing lots of photos means that no-doubt somebody will identify an obscure article, or two, that they didn't know they were looking for.

Does all the stuff in the Obtainium Mystery Box work? 

Well, let's say we haven't taken the time to clean up or test everything inside each mystery box. And to be perfectly honest, that's part of the attractiveness of it all. The less time we spend putting mystery boxes together affords the continuing opportunity to let stuff go at a low price. Hence, everything in an Obtainium Mystery Box is offered AS IS, without exchange or refund.