Automated ​Algae Harvester Machine - Origin Oil EWS A4

Posted by Bilal on Aug 23rd 2018

Automated ​Algae Harvester Machine - Origin Oil EWS A4

Algae Harvester Machine

Algae farming is considered a suitable alternative for crude oil as the crude oil reserves are lowering and the price is rising consistently, the World has started looking for alternatives such as biofuels produced from Algae as its production is estimated to be 50% cheaper than crude oil.

This is not all, Algae produces high-quality feed for fish farms, cleans unhygienic water concentrated with Nitrogen and it is being considered as nutritional supplements for humans too. Algae farming is simple and efficient as Algae requires only sunlight, water, and nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Algae is known to grow 50-100% in a day. You can even farm algae on sea water. How can you generate profits with Algae Harvester? You can generate loads of profits with Algae Harvester if you have a piece of land where you can grow Algae for your fish farm or fuel production.

Looking to buy a suitable Algae Harvester?

If you are an entry level Algae farmer, looking to buy an Algae Harvester for sale that can meet your business goals, you should consider buying a lightly used Algae Harvester from

You can also consider a firm offering only harvesting services for farms growing Algae, surely these services will be in high demand in near future. According to a recent research, Algae farming and harvesting business will be one of the leading business in the near future.

Benefits of Origin Oil EWS A4 Algae Harvester

Benefits of Algae Harvester are uncountable as Algae itself is used for various purposes, refined Algae cannot extracted without a smart Algae Harvester. Origin Oil is one of the leading brands offering Algae Harvesting equipment, Origin Oil EWS A4 is one the top models produced by Origin Oil, If you are looking to buy an Algae Harvester which is both reliable and cost-effective, EWS A4 suits you best. EWS A4 is designed to process 18,000 liters of raw Algae in a day with 99% water removal efficiency. EWS A4 is developed from the high-quality material, fitted on a stainless steel making its use easy for the operator. 1 Oz of dry Algae costs around $8 in the US, imagine how much revenue can be generated from tons of Algae produced at a single farm? Many farmers are using Algae for purification of their fish farm water as Algae is known to consume Nitrogen and purify water. Algae Harvester plays a vital role in the extraction of dehydrated Algae, purified water, and oil from raw Algae and for higher efficiency, smart Algae Harvester must be used, unlike traditional harvesters which are known for causing undesired bacterial actions during the process. EWS A4 is a typical commercial model best suited for entry-level farmers and harvesters. If you have questions like ‘how to use Algae Harvester and what are its features?’ you can find plenty of user guide documents and videos on the internet furthermore, research papers have been published by certain institutes focusing on Algae farming and harvesting.