Cell Phone Detector Security Portal, Berkeley Varitronics SentryHound

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Product Overview

Excellent condition, tested working.

SentryHound cell phone security detection portal by Berkeley Varitronics.
  • Sensors: (12) Independent detection zones (6 per pole)
  • Pressure Mat Heavy duty diamond plate vinyl surface switch activates at 15 lbs
  • Horizontal Range: 30 (user adjustable) inches (between poles)
  • Vertical Range: 75 inches (head to toe)
  • Power: 110VAC for continuous operation

"SentryHound Cell Phone Security Detection Portal is triggered when cell phones (or other ferromagnetic material) pass by its sensors. This type of TSCM installation is especially useful for security personnel looking to detect any cell phones (ON or OFF) as well as some weapons including knives and guns without invasive and time-consuming searches."

This unit will ship in multiple boxes.

MPN: SEntryhound