Lot of 2 Thales Racal 25 Handheld Radio VHF PRC6894 136-174 MHz Battery/Charger


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You will receive two radios with batteries that seem to take and hold a charge. Two antennas.  One charger with AC power adapter and one car accessory power adapter for the charger.

In good condition with just a couple of very minor marks. We verified to radios to power on only, we do not have the means for full testing. When we use the keypad we get the message "Keys Disabled - Side Enabled". We were not able to change this setting using the square and enter keys together. This might mean it is turned off from within the V8.3 firmware itself and may require programing software to change setting. We were not the users ourselves so knowledge is limited. We also transmitted on one radio and were able to receive on the other but the second radio seem to be blocked from transmitting back though we do know the button is good from the tone we can get on when depressed on an empty channel.

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MPN: PRC6894