Philips Bodine ELI-S-250 Sinewave Emergency Lighting Inverter - Unused

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Case hardware and installation/operation instructions are included. Batteries are not included - you will need two Powersonic 12V, 35AH, sealed lead batteries, model PS-12350 B.

The ELI-S-250 has a dimming control output of 0-10 volts. A string of multiple fixtures can be dimmed in emergency mode at a combined maximum power of 250 W.

In the event of power failure, the ELI-S-250 instantly begins providing emergency power to the connected load for a minimum of 90 minutes. The inverter batteries are protected from deep discharge during prolonged power outages by a low voltage disconnect circuit. The ELI-S-250 automatically returns to charge mode after normal power is restored. This fully restores the battery's capacity within 24 hours.

This Philips Bodine ELI-S-250 Emergency Lighting Inverter can be used with fluorescent, LED, or incandescent fixtures to create emergency lighting. With unity power factor, the ELI-S-250 can operate up to 250 Watts. Connected fixtures can be switched or dimmed without affecting emergency operations.

Additional product information from the Signify (Philips/Bodine parent company).


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