Zeiss Vintage Photomicroscope - Internal Camera, 4 - Objectives

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Product Overview

Used, good condition, removed from a working environment.  Optics appear to be in good condition.  We were able to wind the camera and trigger the shutter.

We don't know much about this unit so we will do our best to describe it.  The microscope has Carl Zeiss labels on the base (61384), the X/Y stage (4705381) and the head (4241223).  Both the stage and the head come with various filters.  Binocular style eyepiece (Kpl 10x). Note that one of the eyepieces has some light engraving on the housing, this does not effect operation. This microscope comes with a built in spring wound 35mm camera.

Unit comes with four objectives (and room for a fifth), all Carl Zeiss:

4118357 Plan 100/1,25 OEL 160/-
5114718 Plan 10/0,22 160/-
461840-9901 Planapo 63/1,4 OEL 160/-
460700-9903 40/0,65

Note - Light source is not included, you will need your own form operation.

This is a detailed unit with lots of components, we have many more pictures that we are unable to include here.  If you would like specific images of anything you don't see here please contact us and we will provide them.

MPN: 4705381