Burle RCA 4856 Photomultiplier Tube, PMT for Process Control & Radioimmunoassay

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Product Overview

Unused, new old stock, clean and in excellent condition. 

Burle (formally RCA) PMT, Type 4856

  • 14 pin base
  • Cathode material: K2CsSb 
  • End window material: lime glass
  • Number fo stages: 10
  • 2"diameter end window

Suitable Applications

Process Control:
The measurement of transmitted or reflected light in continuous flow processes using solids, liquids, or gases.
Detects flaws, improper marking, and changes in color and optical density. By using radioactive sources and scintillators,
photomultipliers can be used for the control of the weight and thickness of opaque materials.

Radioimmunoassay (RIA):
A technique that enables the measurement of minute quantities of substances in biological fluids as small as 10-12 gram.
Compounds are tagged with radioactive isotopes and are measured with a liquid scintillation counter for beta-emitting isotopes or a solid crystal
scintillation counter for gamma-emitting isotopes.

MPN: 4856

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