Zeiss Photomicroscope III with 35mm Internal Camera

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Product Overview

Good cosmetic condition, removed from a working environment.  Optics appear clear from our inspection.  Knobs and buttons appear functional. Some components appear to require power from an external source and are untested by us. Two eyepieces (Kpl-w 10x/20).

Note - The light source for this unit are not included as they seemed to have been misplaced. You will need to acquire them for use.

This microscope has three installed objectives (with room for two more), all by Zeiss:

461900-9904 100/1,25 OEL 160/-
4194707 Neofluar 40/0,75 160/0,17
4179085 Plan 10/0,22 160/-

The internal 35mm camera on this unit appears to be operated electronically,  It appears clean and functional from our inspection.

This is a detailed unit with lots of components, we have many more pictures that we are unable to include here.  If you would like specific images of anything you don't see here please contact us and we will provide them.

MPN: 4179085