Ortec X-Cooler & Cryo Cold Head for HPGe Germanium Detector - Tested

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Product Overview

Used, clean and in very good overall condition.

Liquid-Nitrogen-Free Cooling for Counting Laboratory Germanium Radiation Detectors.

We performed necessary testing, and the head became quite cold, as expected.  Although we do not have the means to measure ultimate head temperature, it appears to perform consistently to the description outlined in the online operations manual.
Here's a YouTube video we put together that covers the procedure used to evaluate these units.

Cooler with head, both by Ortec / MMR Technologies.

Cooler part number: AF0169.
Cooler model: CC2001.

115VAC operation.

X-coolers are specially designed to provide cooling for high-purity germanium (HPGe) detectors, at a lower cost and with more convenience than liquid nitrogen. When you consider that large dewars require filling every 14 days or so, and smaller dewars even every day, mechanical coolers are an ideal replacement for LN2. The thing to consider is that mechanical coolers require constant electricity. The tradeoff off between running off of electrical power and need for a source of nitrogen is often worth it on the long-run.

MPN: X-Cooler