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Clean and in very good cosmetic condition.  It has been in storage for a few years and I haven't tested it, due to a lack of operational knowledge.  With that in mind, this item is being offered AS IS.
The A4, "Algae Appliance," was originally part of a proof-of-concept demonstration for a government project proposal:

"The system appears to have the potential to significantly reduce the algal dewatering barrier, allowing us to dewater large quantities of algae for use in applications, including the production of formulated feedstocks blended from algal and terrestrial biomass."
"We also are interested in testing OriginOil's system for processing frac flowback water," Newby said. "The boom in hydraulic fracturing is urgently forcing new practices in water conservation, and OriginOil's system may be a key part of the answer."

- from Biomass Magazine, Article 7891 

"As the raw algae passes through the EWS Algae, it is subjected to tuned electromagnetic pulses. The system operation consists of two stages:

  • First stage: high-flow, low-energy, chemical-free flocculation.
  • Second stage: ability to remove up to 99% of the water."

"Based on OriginOil's proprietary Electro Water Separation (EWS) technology, EWS Algae A4 ("the Algae Appliance"), is an entry-level, low-cost algae harvester providing a low energy, chemical-free, continuous flow 'wet harvest' system to efficiently dewater, and concentrate the microalgae. The A4's flow rate is variable from 2 to 12 liters per minute (.5 to 3 GPM), with the ability to remove greater than 99% of the initial water volume at the harvesting stage.  The A4 will operate either continuously or intermittently on a wide variety of microalgae strains.  The system is extremely well suited for testing aimed at the development of commercial scale processes."

- from OriginOil product literature

.PDF of product Data Sheet from OriginClear.

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