Agilent/HP 1100 Series HPLC System w/Software, Misc. Parts Accessories

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Product Overview

Used, and reported to us as a working system, just no longer needed.  Testing performed consisting of power up.

System configuration:
  • Agilent G1312A Binary Pump.
  • Agilent G1379A Micro Vacuum DeGasser.
  • Agilent G1315B Diode Array Detector.
  • Agilent G1316A Thermostatted Column Compartment.
  • Agilent G1367A Well Plate Autosampler.
  • Agilent Series 1100 Chem. Tray.
  • Agilent G1323B Remote.

Large assortment of reference manuals, user guides

Software ver. A.10.02 w/ registration packet.

Lot of parts and pieces that seem to go with this system.

MPN: 1100 Series