Carlo Gavazzi VMU-S0.AV10 Eos-Array Lite, String Measuring Unit

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Used, clean and in good condition, used very little.  DIN rail mount. 

Carlo Gavazzi, String Measuring Unit Reverse Polarity, part number VMU-S0.AV10.X.S.FX.01.

"Eos-Array Lite is a combination of modules which performs mainly a current and voltage control of a photovoltaic plant. The core unit is VMU-ML which performs the local bus management of VMU-S0, VMU-P both measuring units and VMU-O output unit. VMU-ML assigns the proper local unit address Energy Management Control solution for solar PV applications Type Eos-Array Lite automatically (up to 15 units) and gathers all the local measurements coming from VMU-S0 and VMU-P measuring units. VMU-ML can provide by means of VMU-O modules one relay output so to manage up to 1 real alarm. Housing for DIN-rail mounting, IP40 (front) protection degree."

Additional product information and specifications.

MPN: VMU-S0.AV10.X.S.FX.01