ARO Ingersoll Rand 66605H-644 ½" Non-Metallic Diaphragm Pump

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Product Overview

Air Operated Fluid Pump - ARO Ingersoll Rand 66605H-644 ½" Non-Metallic Diaphragm Pump

This great little pump was removed from a paint dispenser meant for install on a naval vessel. Other than initial testing and certification, the pump was never put into service. The paint dispenser sat outside, in a government store when we obtained it – hence there is a bit of cosmetic fading on the plastic housing.

It's clean and in good condition – it sounds great when powered by our modestly-sized shop compressor. We're offering as in 'used' condition due to cosmetics and our inability to ascertain the pump's actual age.

Features - 
Patented 'Unbalanced' air valve ensures no-stall operation.
Multiple manifold configurations - Center, End, Dual Inlet / Outlet, and Swivel Top, to fit your specific application.
Bolted construction for leak-free fluid handling.
Modular design simplifies serviceability.

General Specifications -
Inlet/ Outlet: 1/2" 1 Piece Manifold.
Fluid Caps & Manifold Material: Groundable Acetal.
Seat Material: Acetal.
Ball Material: Teflon.
Diaphragm Material: Teflon.

MPN: 66605H-644