3M L-Series Face Shield Hard Hat GVP Series PAPR

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Product Overview

Used, appears to be in good working serviceable condition. 

We tested to power up, blower works battery appear to be good.

Battery pack appears good however due to their nature we cannot offer a guarantee on battery pack.

The 3M GVP series (PAPR) is designed to operate with many different helmets, hoods and face pieces. Provides respiratory protection for a wide range of applications.

Included items -
L-750 headgear (bump cap), unused.
L-131 face shield, unused.
L-122 breathing tube, unused.
GVP-100 PAPR blower unit
GVP-110 Power Cord
GVP-111 Battery Pack
GVP-112 Battery Charger
Waist Belt
NOTE - Filter for blower, NOT included.


MPN: GVP-100