Lot of 15 Industrial Scientific M40 Gas Monitors With Charger O2 CO

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Good cosmetic condition, unable to test as system is incomplete.  You will receive fifteen units for one price.

Gas monitors with charger, both by Industrial Scientific. 

Monitor model: M40. (1810-5437)  - fifteen pieces
Sample pump model SP40 (1810-5460) - twelve pieces
Calibrator model: M*Cal401 (1810-5965)

We opened one of the units and found it to have sensors for LEL, O2, and CO installed, there was an additional slot for H2S but no sensor was installed.
Note that the calibrator is missing its proprietary power cable, because of this we were unable to calibrate and test the units.
Batteries are in unknown condition.
These units are sold AS-IS.

MPN: M40