AVO Multi-Amp DS-13 Surger Premiere, Surge Tester

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This used surge tester is clean, and appears to be in pretty good shape on the outside. It looks to have had little use.  And there are the very minor scuffs and scratches from what would generally be expected. One issue of note - the carry handle comes off entirely and needs to be reattached.

The Surger DS13 performed a voltage calibration test sequence on initial power-up - of what looked to be 6 different voltages.  It now shows trace lines that present clean and clear.  To be honest, we are unsure how to fully evaluate this unit other than the cursory empirical observations mentioned above. And searching for any additional information or documentation on a Multi-Amp Surger Premiere DS-13 seems to be a practice in futility.  Curiously, it's branded AVO Multi-Amp, but it looks more like a Baker Instruments product if one had to guess it.

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MPN: DS-13