A Hacker's Dream - Active Acoustic Tunnel Detector AATD Prototype

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Product Overview

Working condition unknow, requires computer and custom software (not included). Offered AS IS for Parts or ???.

Apparently this was part of an experimental acoustic tunnel detector system developed for applications such as detecting tunnels along the US borders.  Looks cool and is no-doubt a hacker's delight for the servo motors alone.

There is a smart charger included and an interface box for what look like a serial port to USB.

"Technology Description: The Active Acoustic Tunnel Detector (AATD) is an active detection technology capable of directly addressing a subsurface threat. This device combines portability and functionality into a single system capable of nonintrusive interrogation and detection of underground tunnels and voids. The AATD detector permits streamlined operation without the need for large, complex, or cumbersome equipment. By using the AATD, there is no need to deploy additional sensors, instruments, or personnel."

Additional information on the this prototype.