Gilian Gilibrator Primary Flow Calibrator w/ Bubble Generators and Carry Case


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Product Overview

We were able to power up and start charging using a AC adapter which is not included.

Gilibrator P/N D800268, seemed to charge but the battery real condition is unknown.
Bubble Generator P/N D800286, Range 20cc-6LPM.
Bubble Generator P/N 800285, Range 2-30 LPM.
Bubble Generator P/N D800287, Range 20cc-6LPM. NOTE - Marked "Cell is Inoperative".
NOTE - Power adapter is not included. 

Carry case seems in good shape with some old dry tape residue.

We do not have the means for testing beyond power up and we are unsure how to evaluate.

We are selling AS-IS, no returns as parts or repair due to the lack of testing.

Free shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.

MPN: Gilibrator