Holt Instruments Coaxial Thermal Voltage Converters Model 11

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Product Overview

Used, in excellent condition with minor scuffs or scratches from normal use. These units come with the protective carrying case. Unfortunately we do not have any way to test these items as we do not have the cables or knowledge. These units do appear to have had little to no use. These units may need calibrated before they can be used. Included in this listing is the adapter, 3 thermoelements and 5 thermal voltage converters.

  • P/N 84980, 1V 2.5 ma, 2v 5ma, 4V 10ma
  • P/N 90081A, 2.5 ma
  • P/N 90081B, 5 ma
  • P/N 90081C, 10 ma

T.V. Converters-

  • P/N 90080A, 3V 2.5 ma, 6V 5 ma, 12V 10 ma
  • P/N 90080B, 10V 2.5 ma, 20V 5 ma, 40V 10 ma
  • P/N 90080C, 30V 2.5 ma, 60V 5 ma, 120V 10 ma
  • P/N 90080D, 100V 2.5 ma, 200V 5 ma, 400V 10 ma
  • P/N 90080E, 300V 2.5 ma, 600V 5 ma, 1200V 10 ma

MPN: Model 11