Metrix 440 Electronic Vibration Switch, 440SR-2040-0000 - Crystal Accelerometer


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Product Overview

Unused, new old stock, clean, in excellent condition in OEM packaging. Includes installation manual.

Metrix 440SR is a single-setpoint model that contains one trip limit for shutdown. Additional features include a vibration velocity-based 4-20 mA output.

Metrix Vibration Switch Features:

  • Internal accelerometer transducer
  • Single Alarm
  • 4-20mA output
  • 0.1 - 1.4 inch/second range
  • 10A, SPDT electromechanical relay
  • 115VAC, 50/60Hz input power


In a nutshell - How the Metrix 440 Vibration Switch Works: When deformed by vibration forces, the solid-state crystal accelerometer provides an electrical output. Electronics turn it into a signal proportional to velocity. It compares this signal with a preset limit and triggers a solid-state relay if the limit is exceeded. 440 vibration switches have no moving parts except when they're configured with mechanical relays. Time delay is a great feature of the switch. This keeps the alarm or shutdown functions from being triggered by transient vibrations. It also prevents shutdowns caused by transitory vibrations when starting up. Almost all machines have a few seconds of high vibration at startup. When there's no time delay, as with mechanical switches, this vibration causes a trip. Often, the operator will boost the trip settings so he can get through the start-up process. The resultant trip level is too high to protect the machine at its operating speed. There is a three-second delay on alarms on the switch by default. In the field, you can set the alarm time delay from 2 to 15 seconds. More we've learned about this cool item: The Metrix 440 Electronic Vibration Sensor is an affordable electronic vibration switch that uses a solid state crystal accelerometer. When the switch is subjected to vibration forces, it provides an electrical output proportional to the magnitude of the force. This signal is converted to a digital signal based on velocity and is compared to a preset limit to activate a solid state relay. The 440 is a non-contact type with no moving parts. The unit is field configurable and can be used to monitor multiple sites simultaneously. The Metrix 340 and 430 Electronic Vibration Switches are compatible with most industrial environments and can be used to monitor multiple points simultaneously. Metrix 440 Electronic Vibration Sensor uses a solid state crystal accelerometer to detect a range of vibration forces. When a certain limit is exceeded, the electronic switch triggers a mechanical or solid state relay. The Metrix 410 and 440 vibration sensors can be configured with mechanical or electrical relays. As the devices do not contain any moving parts, they are ideal for use in hazardous environments. Moreover, these sensors have no moving parts, which eliminates the risk of accidents or equipment failure. The Metrix 440 Electronic Vibration Sensor features a time delay built-in to prevent alarm triggering due to transitory and transient vibrations. This feature is especially useful in situations where machine starts up and experiences high levels of vibration. By contrast, mechanical switches do not have a time delay function and therefore trip immediately on start-up. The resultant trip level is too high to afford protection at operating speed.

Product datasheet from Metrix Instrument C., LP

MPN: 440SR-2040-0000