PPM TEGAM AVM-2000 Null Meter Nanovoltmeter

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Product Overview


In nice shape with basic testing performed, passed self test and new internal battery installed.

We are including a power adapter we converted to run and charge this unit.
Operation by the internal battery and or the power adapter.

Null Detector Nanovoltmeter
The AVM-2000 is a multi-range analog DC Voltmeter/Null Detector. It has 21 bipolar ranges from ± 100 nanovolts full scale to ± 1000 volts full scale in a 1-3-10 sequence. The AVM-2000 functions either as an isolated null detector or as an isolated analog voltmeter.

Technical Specifications

        Sub PPM Voltage, Resistance and Temperature Calibration Transfers
        Range: 100 nV to 1000 V
        Accuracy:? Analog Meter: 1% ? Analog Output: 0.5%
        Resolution: 2 nV
        Independent I / V Zero per range
        Isolation: >100 GO
        Rechargeable Battery Operation (50 Hrs)
        Floating Measurements to 1000 V

MPN: AVM-2000