Tektronix S-52 Pulse Generator Head for S-Series / 7000 Series Samplers

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The Tektronix S-52 pulse generator head is compatible with Tektronix's sampling units of the S-series, such as the 3S2, 7S11, and 7S12.
  • Rise time: < 25ps
  • Output amplitude: 200mV into 50O (SMA)
  • Pulse Duration: > 350ns
  • Output impedance: 50O 
  • Pre-trigger output: 85ns before main pulse (jitter < 10 ps), +1V into 50O (BSM)

From Tek Wiki: "The Tektronix S-52 is a pulse generator head compatible with S-series sampling units like the 3S2, 7S11, and 7S12. It puts out a 200 mV pulse into a load of 50 Ω. The pulse has a rise time of 25 ps or less. The output is an SMA connector. In addition to the main pulse output, the S-52 also produces a pre-trigger pulse 85 ns before the main pulse. The delay is generated with a digital counter, and jitter between the pre-trigger pulse and the main pulse is specified as less than 10 ps. The pre-trigger pulse uses a BSM connector."

Additional information on this Tektronix pulse generator from TekWiki - a wiki for the community of Tektronix oscilloscope enthusiasts.

MPN: S-52

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