MTI CONAC 3D STRuctured Opto-electronic Acquisition Beacon (STROAB)

MTI Research

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Unused, clean and in good condition.  Appears to have had very little, if any, use.

Conac STROAB 3D Tracking System, model M3D-30, manufactured by MTI Research, Inc.

 An excerpt from a Universtiy of Michigan paper "Mobile Robot Positioning - Sensors and Techniques:

"[MTI]. MTI's Computerized Opto- electronic Navigation and Control (CONAC™) is a navigational referencing system employing a vehicle-mounted laser unit called STRuctured Opto- electronic Acquisition Beacon (STROAB)...  The scanning laser beam is spread vertically to eliminate critical alignment, allowing the receivers, called Networked Opto-electronic Acquisition Datums (NOADs)..., to be mounted at arbitrary heights... Detection of incident illumination by a NOAD triggers a response over the network to a host PC, which in turn calculates the implied angles a1 and a2. An index sensor built into the STROAB generates a rotation reference pulse to facilitate heading measurement. Indoor accuracy is on the order of centimeters or millimeters, and better than 0.1° for heading."

This offering is for the 2 items shown only.  Unfortunately we do not have any cables, power supplies, support electronics, manuals or documentation.

MPN: M3D-30