Obtainium Mystery Boxes

Each Obtainium Mystery Box consists of a unique assortment of items attractively priced to provide exceptional value.

No two Obtainium Mystery Boxes are the same as they are individually curated with uncommon items along such themes as:

  • Science & Laboratory
  • Laboratory Glassware
  • Computers & IT
  • Electrical & Electronic Parts
  • Optics & Imaging
  • Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings
  • Scrap for Precious Metals Recovery (Gold, Brass, Copper, Silver, Etc.).
  • Found Art & Vintage
  • Hardware & Fasteners
  • Gauges & Meters
  • Wire & Cables
  • Tools & Gadgets
  • Extinct Tech.

These items are sorted and packaged into one-of-a-kind miscellanea, allowing you to purchase various uncommon items for a low price.

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