Vintage General Dynamics OPSEC Polycarbonate Locking Laptop Shell

General Dynaics

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Product Overview

Do you have any classified data on your laptop that you need to keep safe?

This vintage General Dynamics tinted-polycarbonate locking laptop shell was originally designed as a countermeasure to reduce physical access to laptops and consequently protect classified data in OPSEC (Operational Security).

It's ideal for securing access to modern electronics, vintage graphic novels, or your prized Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kats stash. 
Utilizing a patented Alboy key-lock system to prevent physical tampering, and that ominous "GENERAL DYNAMICS" logo molded into it will help deter anyone from trying to take your stuff.

Plus, to make it more versatile, we've included an anti-static, closed-cell foam insert so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Used and clean, they're fully functional, and have minor scratches, scuffs, and scrapes from normal, non-excessive previous use. 

The shell's interior accommodates a device with approximate dimensions of 14"x 8.75" x 1.25". The outside footprint is approximately 15.13" x 12.625" x 1.625".

You won't find these pieces anywhere else on the market today. We only have 4 of these so order yours now while supplies last!

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Thanks for looking and stay safe!