Square D 9999 BC-3 Double Interlock Kit Lot of 14, Type B & C, Unused, Free Ship

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Product Overview

Introducing a comprehensive lot of 14 Square D Parts Kits, model 9999 BC-3, featuring double interlocks for Type B & C Series A. These kits are new and unused, ensuring they are in perfect condition for immediate use.

  • Model Details: Square D Class 9999 Type BC-3, known for its reliability and compatibility with Size 0 & 1 setups.
  • Interlock Features: Each kit includes 1 double circuit interlock with 1 Normally Open (N.O.) and 1 Normally Closed (N.C.) contact, providing versatile and secure configurations.
  • Quantity: This lot includes 14 individual kits, offering excellent value for bulk needs.
  • Series Compatibility: Specifically designed for Type B & C Series A, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Packaging: Maintained in original manufacturer packaging, preserving the integrity and quality of each component.

Ideal for electricians, maintenance professionals, and industrial operations, these Square D interlock kits are essential for safe and efficient electrical installations. Benefit from fast and free shipping within the 48 contiguous United States, with orders typically shipping the same business day. Secure this bulk lot for enhanced safety and functionality in your electrical systems.

These kits are perfect for electricians, maintenance personnel, and managers in industrial settings who require reliable and versatile electrical components for safe installations. The bulk quantity and compatibility with specific Square D series make them a valuable asset for large-scale electrical projects or inventory stocking