Cehco SCR 350CR120 9243 Silicon Controlled Rectifier 350 A 1200 V


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Product Overview

The Cehco SCR 350CR120 9243 Silicon Controlled Rectifier is a high-quality electronic component that is suitable for a wide range of applications. This rectifier is used, but it is in clean and good condition, ensuring its reliability and durability.

With a part number of S350CR120, this rectifier is designed to handle a maximum forward current of 350 Amps. This high current rating makes it ideal for powering various electronic devices and systems that require a significant amount of power. Additionally, the peak inverse voltage rating of 1200 Volts allows for smooth and efficient operation, ensuring the safety of the connected devices.

The rectifier features a ~3/8" mounting hole in the lead, making it easy to install and secure in any application. The ~10" lead provides ample flexibility and reach, allowing for easy connectivity and positioning within your setup. Furthermore, the 3/4" threaded stud offers a reliable and secure connection, ensuring stable performance even in demanding conditions.

The MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) of this product is 350CR120, allowing for quick identification and compatibility with other components or systems. This ensures seamless integration into existing setups or projects, saving you time and effort during installation.

Whether you are working on a personal electronics project or require a replacement part for an industrial system, the Cehco SCR 350CR120 9243 Silicon Controlled Rectifier is a reliable choice. Its high current and voltage ratings, combined with its clean and good condition, make it a valuable addition to any application. Trust in the quality and performance of this rectifier for all your electronic needs.