Disposable Liners for Buehler AutoMet 250 & 300, 60-9080


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Product Overview


Disposable Liners for Buehler AutoMet 250 & 300

Product Overview

Ensure your grinding and polishing tasks are as clean and efficient as possible with our high-quality disposable liners. Designed specifically for the Buehler AutoMet 250 and 300 series, these liners provide a perfect fit, guaranteeing optimal performance and minimal waste. This pack contains five new, old-stock liners that are in excellent condition, ready to assist in maintaining a pristine working environment for your material analysis.

Key Features

  • Part Number: 60-9080
  • Compatibility: Perfectly fits Buehler AutoMet 250 & 300 models
  • Quantity: 5-pack, providing excellent value and convenience
  • Condition: New, old-stock liners, clean and in excellent condition
  • Functionality: Aids in quick and easy cleanup, enhancing workflow efficiency


Using these disposable liners not only simplifies the cleaning process but also extends the lifespan of your equipment by protecting it from potential contaminants. They are an essential consumable for any lab using the Buehler AutoMet series, ensuring that each polishing session starts with a clean slate and ends with clear results.


Here's our research on this product:

The Disposable Liners for Buehler AutoMet 250 & 300, with the part number 60-9080, are designed to simplify the cleaning process of the drainage bowl in the EcoMet family of grinder-polishers. These liners are an essential accessory for maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of the grinding and polishing process, by preventing contaminants from staining and building up in the bowl area. The liners are disposable, which means they can be easily replaced after use, ensuring a clean working environment without the need for extensive cleaning efforts.

Several sources mention the availability and use of these disposable bowl liners:

- The official Buehler website and documents provide detailed information on the EcoMet/AutoMet 250 & 300 series, including the use of disposable bowl liners as part of their accessories to enhance the user experience by facilitating easy cleanup and maintenance[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11].
- The liners are available in packages of five, making it convenient for users to have replacements on hand for continuous operation[1][2][3][11].
- These liners are compatible with both the AutoMet 250 and AutoMet 300 models, as well as the EcoMet 250, indicating their versatility across different models within the Buehler grinder-polisher lineup[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11].

In summary, the Disposable Liners for Buehler AutoMet 250 & 300, part number 60-9080, are a practical accessory designed to simplify the cleaning process of the grinder-polishers in the EcoMet family. They are sold in packs of five and are compatible with multiple models, ensuring a clean and efficient working environment.


Item was as described, and very fast delivery!

5 stars across the board for every seller rating category, and I would buy from this seller again. And per my request, the capacitors were also very well packed for safe delivery.

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Obtainium have been a very helpful seller to me.

In recent times I have had a few items go astray enroute to my address in Australia. This seller was most helpful & encouraging, regarding the onward tracking & eventual safe delivery of this item. This item's arrival in good condition was a joy to me as, it was a rare part that fitted my military comms. Well done seller. I would gladly recommend this seller to all potential buyers.

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The instrument was well packed. It is in extremely good condition. It passed all preliminary tests.

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Item looks better than described, looks brand new and works great.

My old buffer was 50 years old and I sent it to buffer heaven, thanks.

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Just what the doctor ordered.

Good supply and price. Thxs

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