Vitlab 107497 PFA Chemical Resistant Volumetric Flask 250 mL with Cap -Unused


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New/unused, old stock, clean and in excellent condition.

Vitlab Volumetric Flask, 250mL, PFA, Class A Certified, per DIN EN ISO 1042, with Certificate, suitable for Trace Analysis.  Part number 107497.

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"Outstanding chemical resistance, can be used with strong oxidants, highly concentrated acids and alkalis, hydrocarbons, and ketones.  With laser-engraved lot number and batch certificate. Thermal stress up to 121 °C (autoclaving) does not permanently exceed the tolerance limit."

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and its copolymer, perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether (PFA), are synthetic fluoropolymers with a wide range of applications. PTFE is well-known for its non-reactivity, high density, and strong chemical, heat, and light resistance. In addition, it is used in many industries as a coating material due to its low friction properties.A copolymer of PTFE, PFA, is used in many applications. With perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether, the mechanical properties and melt processability are improved without sacrificing thermal performance or chemical resistance.A key advantage of PFA is its melt processability since it is lower in viscosity than PTFE. As a result of the high bond strength between carbon, fluorine, and oxygen atoms, PFA exhibits similar properties to PTFE across a wide temperature range. Additionally, PTFE has lower void content, which makes it more permeability-resistant, and lower deformation resistance (cold flow).Even at elevated temperatures, PFA has outstanding chemical resistance. It is resistant to many organic compounds and mixtures, including strong mineral acids, inorganic bases, and inorganic oxidizing agents. Fluorine and molten alkali will, however, react with it.In terms of crystallinity, PFA is semi-crystalline, with a maximum achievable amount of 60%.Overall, PTFE and PFA are both excellent materials for various applications due to their unique properties. They are resistant to many organic compounds and mixtures while still being able to maintain their mechanical strength across a wide temperature range.

MPN: 107497