FARO IG-9 Laser Tracker Stand / Precision Brunson Rolling Stand

FARO Brunson

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Product Overview

The FARO IG-9 rolling stand is synonymous with precision and is a foundation for accuracy in your professional environment. As a Brunson rebrand, it has a reliable history as an accessory for FARO brand laser trackers despite showing light use in its scuffs and scratches. These superficial marks don't detract from its fully functional state.

It operates with a smoothness expected in precision environments, boasting an adjustable height ranging from 43 to 67 inches, facilitating a precise fit for various applications and user heights. The base, at a width of 32 inches, provides stability and assurance that a shift or tremor will not compromise your measurements.

For professionals in metrology, engineering, construction, or scientific research who require steadfast equipment, this stand is not just a tool; it's an integral part of the measurement process. 

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