Newport Nirvana 2001 Silicon Fiber-Optic Receiver, 300-1050 nm, Used


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Product Overview

The Newport 2001 Nirvana Silicon Fiber-Optic Receiver is a sophisticated and reliable choice for fiber-optic communication. Presented in a used yet excellent condition, as per visual inspection, this device offers confidence in its functionality despite the lack of testing.

Features of the Nirvana 2001 model:

  • Wavelength Range: 300-1050 nm, suitable for a broad spectrum of light detection.
  • High-Speed Performance: Capable of 200 kHz data transmission for efficient signal processing.
  • Connectivity: Comes with FC/CP and 8-32 ports for versatile hookups.
  • Low-Noise Detection: Ensures clear signal acquisition with minimal disturbance.
  • Adjustable Features: Variable-gain trans impedance amplifiers and two adjustable filters for tailored usage.

Operating with two 9V batteries (not included). This unit comes with free shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.

The Newport Nirvana 2001 Silicon Fiber-Optic Receiver is ideally suited for researchers, laboratory technicians, and communication system engineers who demand precision and reliability in fiber-optic signal detection. The 300-1050 nm detection range and high-speed capability make it an excellent tool for advanced photonics research, optical communication systems, and laboratory experimentation where low-noise and high sensitivity are crucial.

MPN: 2001