Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt, 9003-2068


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Product Overview

Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt 9003-2068

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Product Overview

The Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt (Product Number: 9003-2068) is a high-quality, durable V-belt designed for industrial and agricultural applications. It is part of the Hi-Power II series, known for its reliability and performance in demanding conditions.


  • Length (Outside Circumference): 71 inches (1803 mm)
  • Top Belt Width: 21/32 inches (0.656 inches or 17 mm)
  • Nominal Thickness: 13/32 inches (0.41 inches or 10 mm)
  • Weight: 0.78 lbs

Design Features

  • Flex-Weave Cover: A patented single-layer fabric construction that protects the belt core from oil, dirt, and heat. The wrapped cover also makes the belt suitable for clutching applications.
  • Flex-Bonded Cords: Utilizes a proprietary core material blend that strongly bonds the polyester cords to the body of the belt, resulting in uniform load distribution and absorption of bending stress without cord deterioration.
  • Gates Curves: The belt cross-section has been optimized to provide proper cord support and full contact with the pulley, ensuring uniform loading, uniform wear, and increased belt life.

Recommended Applications

The Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt is ideal for use in various industrial and agricultural machinery, where reliability and performance are critical.

Matching / Multi-Belt Drives

Part of the V80 Matching System, Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-belts can be used individually in a single V-belt drive or in sets of two or more belts for higher horsepower applications. The V80 matching system ensures that every B68 belt can be used in a matched set, regardless of batch or lot.

Requirements Met

  • RMA oil and heat resistant standards
  • RMA static conductivity requirements

Similar Sizes

  • Next Size Shorter: B67 (70 inch length)
  • Next Size Longer: B69 (72 inch length)
  • Next Size Narrower: A69 (Note: Belt will sit lower in the pulley, so a shorter belt might be needed)
  • Next Size Wider: C67 (Note: Belt will sit higher in the pulley, so a longer belt might be needed)

Frequently Asked Questions: Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt

What makes the Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt unique?

The Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt features several innovative technologies:

  • Flex-Weave Cover: A patented single-layer fabric construction that protects the belt core and enhances flexibility.
  • Flex-Bonded Cords: A proprietary core material blend that ensures uniform load distribution and stress absorption.
  • Gates Curves: An optimized belt cross-section for proper cord support and full contact with pulleys.

How does the Flex-Weave Cover improve belt performance?

The Flex-Weave Cover offers several benefits:

  • Protects the belt core from oil, dirt, and heat
  • Increases overall belt durability
  • Makes the belt suitable for clutching applications
  • Provides built-in static conductivity

What is the V80 Matching System?

The V80 Matching System is a manufacturing process that ensures all Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-belts can be used in matched sets, regardless of batch or lot. This system eliminates the need for individual match numbers and allows for easier multi-belt drive setups.

How does the Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt compare to other belt types?

Performance Comparison of Different Belt Types
Belt Type Horsepower Rating (6" Pulley) Shock Load Resistance Clutching Suitability
Gates B68 8.85 Good Good
Gates BX68 10 Good Not Suitable
Gates BP68 16.3 Excellent Good

What are the key applications for the Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt?

The Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt is suitable for various industrial and agricultural applications, including:

  • Pumps and compressors
  • HVAC systems
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Material handling equipment

How does the belt's design contribute to its longevity?

The belt's design incorporates several features that enhance its durability:

  1. The arched top provides superior strength, preventing "dishing" and distortion.
  2. Properly aligned cords ensure each cord carries its full share of the load.
  3. The EPDM belt material resists oil, heat, ozone, sunlight, and aging.
  4. The belt is engineered to combat self-ignition, even under severe slippage conditions.

What standards does the Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt meet?

The Gates Hi-Power II B68 V-Belt meets the following industry standards:

  • RMA oil and heat resistant standards
  • RMA static conductivity requirements

About Gates Corporation

Company Overview

Gates Corporation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is a global leader in the manufacturing of power transmission belts and fluid power products. With over 15,000 employees and operations in more than 30 countries, Gates serves a diverse range of industries, including automotive, industrial, and agricultural sectors.


Founded in 1911 by Charles Gates Sr., the company began as the Colorado Tire and Leather Company. It quickly evolved, phasing out leather in favor of rubber and introducing the revolutionary V-belt in 1917. This innovation replaced the traditional hemp and rope belts used in automobiles and industrial machinery, setting the stage for Gates to become the largest manufacturer of V-belts in the world.

Over the decades, Gates expanded its operations globally, establishing manufacturing facilities in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, and many other countries. The company continued to innovate, introducing the first synchronous belt in 1946 and acquiring several companies to broaden its product offerings.

Innovations and Products

Gates Corporation is renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality. The company invests heavily in research and development to create products that exceed industry standards and meet the demanding expectations of its customers.

  • Power Transmission Solutions: Gates manufactures a wide range of belts, including V-belts, synchronous belts, and serpentine belts, designed for various industrial and automotive applications.
  • Fluid Power Products: The company produces hoses, couplings, and hydraulic systems used in industries such as energy, mining, and agriculture.
  • Automotive Products: Gates provides OEM and aftermarket products for cars, light trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

Global Presence

Gates Corporation operates over 120 locations in more than 30 countries, ensuring that its products are available to customers worldwide. The company has regional headquarters in Singapore (East Asia and India), Shanghai (Greater China), and Hesperange (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

Commitment to Sustainability

Gates is dedicated to sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact. The company tracks its greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and chemical use across all operations, striving to implement eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible. Gates also publishes an annual sustainability report to highlight its progress and initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Gates Corporation is committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates. The Gates Industrial Corporation Foundation has donated to over 150 nonprofit organizations, supporting education, natural resources, and community development programs. Additionally, the company engages in various philanthropic activities, such as providing bicycles to school children and participating in local events.

Recognition and Awards

Gates Corporation has been recognized for its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company was named one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity by Newsweek for two consecutive years. This recognition reflects Gates' dedication to creating a safe and empowering environment for all employees, business partners, and customers.

Future Outlook

As Gates Corporation continues to innovate and expand, it remains focused on pushing the boundaries of materials science and engineering. The company's ongoing investment in R&D ensures that it will continue to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers and drive the future of power transmission and fluid power technologies.


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