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Vintage Flyback Transformer for CRT Monitor - Monitronics BSM35-3316

Condition: Unused, new old stock - clean and in excellent condition.

Listing Notes: We couldn't find any information on the pinouts for this particular Flyback Transformer. This might be because Monitronics has long-ceased the manufacture flyback transformers and deflection yokes. This specific flyback transformer is labeled as models BSM35-3316E & BSM35-3316D. Searching for these model numbers only yields a cross-reference to an HR Diemen equivalent "HR 47098."

General Product Information

This high-quality flyback transformer is designed for use in Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors, providing reliable high voltage generation for optimal display performance.

Key Features

  • Manufacturer: Monitronics, a trusted brand in power semiconductors and modules
  • Model Number: BSM35-3316, ensuring compatibility with various CRT monitors
  • High Voltage Generation: Capable of producing 10-20 kV for optimal CRT performance
  • High Frequency Operation: Designed to operate at 15-20 kHz for efficient high voltage generation
  • Power Handling: Rated for up to 35 A, ensuring reliable operation of the CRT monitor

Important Safety Precautions

When working with flyback transformers, it is crucial to exercise caution due to high voltage and current. Take safety precautions, wear protective gear, discharge the transformer properly, and use insulated tools to avoid electrical shock or injury. It is essential to prioritize safety and conduct high voltage projects in a controlled environment following best practices.


What is a Flyback Transformer?

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology, once the cornerstone of television and computer monitor displays, owes much of its operation to a crucial component: the flyback transformer. Despite the decline in CRT usage, the flyback transformer remains an interesting subject due to its unique design and versatile applications. This article delves into the intricacies of CRT flyback transformers, exploring their design and principles, traditional uses, repurposing possibilities, and concluding with a concise summary for quick reference.

Design and Principle

The flyback transformer, also known as a line output transformer, is designed to generate high voltages necessary for the operation of CRTs. Its name derives from its function in the horizontal deflection system of CRTs, where it "flies back" to its starting position after each scan line.

Core Components

  1. Core: Typically made of ferrite, the core provides a path for the magnetic flux.
  2. Primary Winding: Receives the input voltage and creates a magnetic field in the core.
  3. Secondary Winding: Multiple windings that output various high voltages necessary for different parts of the CRT.
  4. Rectifier and Capacitor: Used to convert the AC voltage from the secondary winding to a stable DC voltage.

How does a flyback transformer work?

The flyback transformer operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When a current flows through the primary winding, it creates a magnetic field in the core. This magnetic field induces a voltage in the secondary winding. The rapid switching of the current in the primary winding generates high voltage spikes in the secondary winding, which are then rectified and used to power different parts of the CRT.

Key Features

  • High Voltage Generation: Capable of producing voltages up to 30kV or more.
  • Multiple Outputs: Provides different voltages for various CRT functions.
  • Compact Size: Designed to fit within the compact chassis of CRT devices.

Traditional FlyBack Transformer Application

Flyback transformers have been integral to the operation of CRTs, serving multiple critical functions. These functions are essential for the proper performance and safety of CRT devices, ensuring they operate efficiently and reliably.

Display Power Supply

Flyback transformers provide the high voltage necessary for the electron guns in CRTs to operate. This high voltage is used to accelerate electrons towards the screen, creating the images seen on the display. The flyback transformer ensures that the electron guns receive a consistent and reliable supply of high voltage, which is critical for the precise control of the electron beam. This precision is essential for rendering sharp, clear images and maintaining the overall quality of the display.

Horizontal Deflection

The transformer also plays a role in the horizontal deflection system, ensuring the electron beam sweeps across the screen in a controlled manner, line by line, to form a complete image. By synchronizing with the deflection system, the flyback transformer helps maintain the correct timing and positioning of the beam, which is crucial for accurate image rendering and overall display quality.

X-Ray Protection

CRT devices require shielding from X-ray radiation, which can be emitted due to the high voltages involved. Flyback transformers are designed to maintain voltages within safe limits to minimize this risk. They help regulate the high voltage, ensuring it does not exceed safe levels, thereby protecting users from potential radiation exposure while maintaining the functionality of the CRT..

Flyback Transformer Repurposing 

With the decline of CRT technology, flyback transformers have found new life in various innovative applications. These applications leverage the unique capabilities of flyback transformers, particularly their ability to generate high voltages in compact and efficient forms. Below are some notable examples of how these transformers are being repurposed:

High Voltage Experiments

Flyback transformers are popular in educational settings and hobbyist projects for generating high voltages. They are used in experiments involving plasma arcs, Jacob's ladders, and other high-voltage phenomena. These experiments not only provide captivating visual displays but also help in understanding the principles of high voltage and electromagnetic fields, making them valuable tools for teaching and exploration.

Power Supply for Plasma Globes

Plasma globes, those captivating glass spheres with lightning-like streams inside, often use modified flyback transformers to generate the high voltage required to ionize the gas inside the globe. The mesmerizing patterns of plasma filaments are both educational and entertaining, demonstrating principles of ionization and electric fields in a visually engaging way. This makes plasma globes popular as both educational tools and decorative items, adding a dynamic element to any space.

Ozone Generators

Ozone generators for air purification use flyback transformers to create high voltages necessary for generating ozone from oxygen. These devices are used in industrial, medical, and residential applications to purify air and eliminate odors. The high voltage generated by the flyback transformer breaks down oxygen molecules, creating ozone, which is a powerful oxidizer used to neutralize pollutants and disinfect the environment. This makes ozone generators effective in improving air quality and sanitizing spaces.

Tesla Coils

Hobbyists and researchers use flyback transformers as a power source for small Tesla coils. These coils create high-frequency, high-voltage alternating currents that produce spectacular electrical arcs. The dramatic visual effects and the ability to demonstrate principles of wireless power transmission make Tesla coils a popular project for both educational purposes and public demonstrations. Tesla coils serve as a practical and fascinating way to explore high-voltage physics and electrical engineering.

DIY Projects and Art

Creative individuals repurpose flyback transformers in DIY electronics projects and art installations, utilizing their ability to generate high voltage for unique and interactive creations. From interactive sculptures that respond to touch to high-voltage musical instruments, the applications are limited only by imagination. These projects not only showcase artistic ingenuity but also explore the practical uses of high-voltage technology in novel ways, blending science and art to create engaging and educational experiences.


Flyback transformers, though originally designed for CRT displays, have proven their versatility and enduring value in various applications beyond their traditional roles. Their ability to generate high voltages reliably and efficiently has made them a staple in educational, experimental, and creative fields. Understanding the design and principles behind flyback transformers opens up a world of possibilities for repurposing these fascinating components.

Flyback Transformer TL;DR

Flyback transformers are essential components in CRT displays, generating high voltages for electron guns and horizontal deflection systems. With the decline of CRTs, these transformers have been repurposed for high voltage experiments, plasma globes, ozone generators, Tesla coils, and various DIY projects. Their compact design and ability to produce high voltages make them valuable in educational, experimental, and creative applications.



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