EG&G Berthold Preamplifier LB 2015-31, Alpha Amplifier Discriminator, Unused


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Product Overview

EG&G Berthold Preamplifier LB 2015-31, an exemplary Alpha Amplifier Discriminator, is presented in unused condition, with no signs of previous usage. Despite lacking the original packaging and manual, the device's superb state is evident through minimal scuffs from storage, affirming its untouched nature.

Essential characteristics of the LB 2015-31:

  • Charge Sensitivity: Designed to accurately process signal charges with high precision.
  • Discriminator Capability: Features discrimination functionality for enhanced signal analysis.
  • Normed Output: Delivers normed output pulses for standardized measurements.
  • Durable Construction: Built to endure the rigors of laboratory and field work with minor cosmetic scuffs.

This high-quality preamplifier discriminator is ready for integration into sophisticated detection systems and comes with the advantage of free shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.

The EG&G Berthold Preamplifier LB 2015-31 is perfect for nuclear physicists, laboratory technicians, and researchers specializing in alpha particle detection and signal processing. The charge-sensitive design and discriminator features make it an essential tool for experiments requiring meticulous signal analysis and precision, such as radiation detection, particle physics research, and advanced scientific instrumentation.

MPN: LB 2015