Haskel MS-110 Pneumatic Liquid Pump 10,000 PSI, Rare Hand Pump Option, Free Ship


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Product Overview

Haskel MS-110 Pneumatic Liquid Pump with Hand Pump Option - 10,000 PSI

Enhance your high-pressure liquid pumping needs with the Haskel MS-110 Pneumatic Liquid Pump, featuring a unique Hand Pump Option. This model is a standout in the Haskel range, offering robust performance and durability.

  • Condition: Used, visually inspected and appears in good condition. Note: Not tested for functional performance.
  • Unique Feature: Includes the rare Hand Pump Option for versatile operation.
  • Specifications:
    • Power: 0.33HP
    • Air Head: Single
    • Max Air Pressure: 125 PSIG
    • Max Cycles: 325/min
    • Nominal Ratio: 110:1
    • Actual Area Ratio: 112:1
    • Max Outlet Pressure: 13,500 PSIG (both continuous and intermittent)
    • Displacement/Cycle: 0.039 cu. in.
    • Max Flow: 25 cu. in./min
  • Operating Principle: Air driven, using low pressure air to magnify liquid pressure effectively.
  • Free Shipping: Available within the 48 contiguous states of the USA.

The Haskel MS-110 Pneumatic Liquid Pump is perfect for professionals in the industrial and engineering sectors who require reliable, high-pressure liquid pumping solutions. Its unique Hand Pump Option adds versatility, making it ideal for applications where precise control and varied operational modes are necessary. Despite its used condition, this pump has been visually inspected and appears to be in good shape, although it hasn't been functionally tested.

MPN: MS-110