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Product Overview

Genuine Gates C78 Hi-Power II V-Belt - Optimal Performance for Diverse Applications

The Gates Hi-Power II C78 V-Belt, product number 9094-2078, represents a pinnacle of versatility and durability in industrial and agricultural applications. Unused and in pristine condition, this belt features the innovative Flex-Weave™ Cover, known for its exceptional oil and heat resistance, safeguarding the belt core against harsh conditions.

  • Type: "Classic" V-Belt, suited for a wide range of applications.
  • Specifications: Length - 82 inches (O.C.), Width - 0.88 inch, Thickness - 0.53 inch, Weight - 2.0500.
  • System Compatibility: Part of the V80 Matching System, ideal for both individual and multiple belt drives.
  • Condition: Unused, ensuring peak performance.

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UPC: 072053210477

The best customers for the Gates C78 Hi-Power II V-Belt are professionals in industrial and agricultural sectors who require reliable and durable belt solutions for their machinery. These customers value high-quality, versatile components that can withstand challenging environments. They are likely to appreciate the belt's compatibility with both individual and multiple belt drive systems, as well as its resistance to oil and heat, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.