Telemecanique 22mm Push Button with Contact Block - ZB2BZ105, ZB2BA2


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Product Overview

Telemecanique ZB2BZ105 Contact Block & ZB2BA2 Push Button - 22mm Push Button Switch

Condition: Unused, new old stock in OEM packaging.


The Telemecanique ZB2BZ105 Contact Block and ZB2BA2 Push Button are essential components for industrial control systems, providing a reliable and durable 22mm push button switch solution.

Telemecanique ZB2BZ105 Contact Block

  • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
  • Part Number: ZB2BZ105
  • Type: Contact Block
  • Switch Type: Push Button
  • Contacts: 1 Normally Open (NO) + 1 Normally Closed (NC)
  • Dimensions: 2.00 x 2.00 x 2.00 inches
  • Weight: 0.33 lb
  • Features: Metal screw clamp terminals for secure connections

Telemecanique ZB2BA2 Push Button

  • Manufacturer: Schneider Electric
  • Part Number: ZB2BA2
  • Type: Push Button Head
  • Color: Black
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Features: Flush head type for a sleek and unobtrusive interface

Combined Use

When combined, the ZB2BZ105 contact block and ZB2BA2 push button head form a complete push button assembly suitable for various industrial applications. The contact block provides the necessary electrical contacts, while the push button head offers a user-friendly interface for manual operation.

These components are ideal for control panels, machinery, and other industrial equipment where a reliable 22mm push button switch is required.

Telemecanique has a rich history and a significant relationship with Schneider Electric. Here are some interesting points:

Founding and Early Innovations

Telemecanique was founded in 1924 when Michel le Goullec acquired Manufacture d’Appareillage Electrique, which later became Télémécanique Electrique. The company quickly became known for its innovation, starting with the invention of the first contactor in 1924, which revolutionized industrial control and automation.

Acquisition by Schneider Electric

In 1988, Schneider Electric acquired Telemecanique. This acquisition was part of Schneider's strategic shift towards focusing on the electricity sector and expanding its capabilities in industrial automation and control.

Continued Innovation

After the acquisition, Telemecanique continued to innovate under Schneider Electric. Notable developments included the Osiris range of photoelectric cells and the integration of web technologies, which led to the first onboard web servers for industrial robots. In 2001, Telemecanique introduced QuickFit technology, which allowed for tool-free and cable-free connections.

Brand Integration

In 2009, Schneider Electric integrated Telemecanique's products, services, and solutions into its own brand as part of its Automation and Control offer. This move was aimed at consolidating Schneider Electric's market position and streamlining its product offerings.

Recent Developments

In 2023, Schneider Electric completed the disposal of its Telemecanique Sensors business to YAGEO. This transaction valued Telemecanique Sensors at €723 million and marked a strategic move by Schneider Electric to focus on its core areas of digital transformation and energy management.

Telemecanique's journey from a pioneering company in industrial control to becoming a key part of Schneider Electric's portfolio highlights its enduring impact on the industry and its continuous drive for innovation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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