The "Secret Code" That Keeps US Military Operations Running

Posted by John Schiff on Mar 07, 2024

The "Secret Code" That Keeps US Military Operations Running

TLDR: National Stock Numbers (NSNs) are 13-digit codes essential for organizing and tracking military and government supplies. These codes, used by the US, NATO countries, and some others, make sure items are genuine, high-quality, and easily traced. NSNs help with efficient supply management and international cooperation.

At Obtainium Science & Industry Surplus, we sometimes refer to NSNs, National Stock Numbers, in our product descriptions. Sharing the NSN with you ensures that the product we are offering is authentic, of high quality, and easy to trace.

National Stock Numbers (NSNs) are the "secret code" that keeps military and government operations running smoothly.

National Stock Numbers (NSNs) are a secret language that helps the military and government work smoothly. Thanks to the U.S. Department of Defense, these numbers have been around since the 1950s. They made this system to help identify items used by the military, making it easier for NATO countries and others to manage and get what they need. NSNs help keep everything organized, from buying supplies to tracking them. Let's dive into why NSNs are so important and what they mean.

Key Facts About NSNs:

1. NSNs are a 13-digit code that helps military and government organizations keep track of items. 

2. NSNs are like unique IDs for everything from tools to plane parts used by NATO and other countries. 

3. NSNs are a standardized identification system for items recognized and used by NATO countries and some non-NATO countries. 

4. NSNs ensure that items can be universally identified, managed, and procured across different military and government entities. 

5. NSNs include a 4-digit group code that tells you the type of item and a 9-digit code that identifies the item. 

6. Quality assurance for items with NSNs comes from the specifications and standards they must meet before being assigned an NSN. 

7. The purchasing agency's procurement and quality control processes also play a critical role in ensuring that the items meet the required quality standards. 

8. NSNs streamline buying and managing supplies for the military and government, making things more organized and efficient. 

9. Getting an NSN involves a process with a National Codification Bureau, which assigns the NSN after deciding if an item should have one. 

10. NSNs are used by the U.S. military, government agencies, and NATO countries. Some non-NATO countries also use NSNs to facilitate working with NATO members, especially for buying and selling military supplies.

NSNs are vital to the smooth functioning of military and government operations. They simplify the process of identifying, managing, and acquiring supplies, thereby ensuring efficient functioning. 

Adopting a common system, as NATO and some other countries have done, enables better international cooperation.

NSNs help to optimize the procurement and management of supplies, resulting in a more organized and efficient system for the military and government.

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