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Product Overview

Watson Marlow 205U/CA Multichannel Peristaltic Pump

Condition: Pre-owned, clean, and in excellent condition. Cleaned and tested, and all functions checked out. Includes 205CA pumphead with 8-channel cassettes with the option to expand to 12 channels by adding 4 more cassettes.

Product Overview

The Watson Marlow 205U/CA is a high-precision, 12-channel peristaltic pump designed for advanced fluid handling in scientific and industrial applications. This versatile pump combines multichannel capability with the gentle, sterile fluid transfer of peristaltic technology.

Key Features

  • 12-channel design for simultaneous fluid handling
  • Peristaltic pump technology for gentle and sterile fluid transfer
  • Cartridge-based system (CA) for quick and easy tube loading
  • Precise flow rate control for accurate fluid dispensing
  • Versatile applications across scientific and industrial sectors
  • Durable construction for long-term reliability


  • Increased efficiency with multichannel capability
  • Maintains fluid integrity and prevents contamination
  • Reduces downtime with easy maintenance and tube replacement
  • Ensures reproducible results with accurate flow rates
  • Adaptable to various fluid types and viscosities
  • Long operational life reduces need for frequent replacements


Ideal for use in:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Biotechnology research
  • Chemical processing
  • Food and beverage production
  • Environmental monitoring

Why Choose the Watson Marlow 205U/CA?

This pump offers a perfect balance of precision, versatility, and durability. Its 12-channel design significantly boosts productivity, while the peristaltic technology ensures gentle fluid handling. The cartridge system simplifies maintenance, making it an excellent choice for labs and industries seeking efficient, reliable fluid management solutions.

Boost your fluid handling efficiency with the Watson Marlow 205U/CA Multichannel Pump. This 12-channel peristaltic pump offers precise, sterile fluid transfer for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. Easy to use and maintain, it's the smart choice for labs and facilities looking to optimize their processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Watson Marlow 205U/CA Multichannel Pump

1. What is a peristaltic pump?

A peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump that uses the principle of peristalsis to move fluids. It consists of a flexible tube that is compressed by rollers or shoes, creating a vacuum that draws fluid through the tube. This design ensures that the fluid only contacts the inner surface of the tubing, preventing contamination.

2. How does the Watson Marlow 205U/CA Multichannel Pump work?

The Watson Marlow 205U/CA Multichannel Pump operates using peristaltic technology. It features 12 channels, each with its own flexible tubing. As the pump's rollers compress the tubing, fluid is drawn into the tube and then pushed out towards the outlet. This simultaneous compression and decompression create a continuous flow of fluid through each channel.

3. What are the key features of the Watson Marlow 205U/CA?

  • 12-Channel Design: Allows for simultaneous pumping of multiple fluid streams.
  • Peristaltic Technology: Ensures gentle and sterile fluid transfer.
  • Cartridge System: Quick and easy tube loading and replacement.
  • Precision Control: Accurate and reproducible flow rates.
  • Durability: Built to withstand regular use in demanding environments.

4. What are the benefits of using a peristaltic pump?

  • Contamination-Free: Only the inner surface of the tubing contacts the fluid.
  • Easy Maintenance: Tubing can be quickly replaced without disassembling the pump.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various fluids, including corrosive and viscous liquids.
  • Accurate Dosing: Provides precise control over fluid flow rates.
  • Self-Priming and Dry Running: Can operate without the need for priming and can run dry without damage.

5. What applications is the Watson Marlow 205U/CA suitable for?

The Watson Marlow 205U/CA is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Biotechnology research
  • Chemical processing
  • Food and beverage production
  • Environmental monitoring

6. How do I maintain the Watson Marlow 205U/CA Multichannel Pump?

Maintenance of the Watson Marlow 205U/CA is straightforward due to its cartridge system. Regularly check and replace the tubing as needed to ensure optimal performance. Ensure that the pump is securely mounted and that the inlet and outlet connections are flexible and appropriately sized.

7. Can the Watson Marlow 205U/CA handle different types of fluids?

Yes, the Watson Marlow 205U/CA can handle a variety of fluids, including corrosive, viscous, and abrasive liquids. The choice of tubing material can be tailored to the specific chemical compatibility requirements of the application.

8. What are the electrical requirements for the Watson Marlow 205U/CA?

The Watson Marlow 205U/CA operates on selectable electrical requirements of 110-120V or 220-240V at 50/60Hz. It features digital closed-loop speed control for precise operation.

9. How is the flow rate controlled in the Watson Marlow 205U/CA?

The flow rate in the Watson Marlow 205U/CA is controlled by adjusting the speed of the pump. This can be done manually or through remote analog control using a 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V input. The pump also has a tachometer speed output for monitoring.

10. What makes the Watson Marlow 205U/CA a reliable choice?

The Watson Marlow 205U/CA is known for its precision, versatility, and durability. Its multichannel design enhances productivity, while the peristaltic technology ensures gentle fluid handling. The cartridge system simplifies maintenance, making it a reliable choice for various scientific and industrial applications.

About Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS)

A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 1956, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has become the world leader in niche peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies. The company's journey began in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, where inventor Bernard Refson developed the first commercially viable peristaltic pump for use outside the laboratory.

Global Reach and Expertise

Headquartered in Falmouth, UK, WMFTS operates in 44 countries and employs over 1,750 people globally. With over one million pumps installed worldwide, their products are tried, tested, and proven to deliver excellence in various industries, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental sectors.

A Family of Specialized Brands

WMFTS comprises ten established brands, each with its own area of expertise:

  • Watson-Marlow Pumps: Peristaltic tube pumps for pharmaceuticals and industry.
  • Watson-Marlow Tubing: Precision tubing for various applications, manufactured in ISO 14644-1 Class 7 cleanrooms.
  • Bredel: Heavy-duty hose pumps for high-viscosity and abrasive fluid handling.
  • Flexicon: Aseptic filling and capping systems for contamination-free pharmaceutical applications.
  • MasoSine: Sinusoidal pumps designed for gentle fluid handling in the food industry.
  • Alitea: Pumpheads and panel-mount drives for OEM customers.
  • BioPure: Single-use tubing connector systems for biopharmaceutical applications.
  • ASEPCO: High purity aseptic valves for the biopharmaceutical industry.
  • Flow Smart: Reinforced platinum silicone hoses and high-performance sanitary gasket products.
  • Aflex Hose: PTFE-lined flexible hoses for specialized applications.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

WMFTS is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services that meet the diverse needs of their customers. Their problem-solving approach and empowering company structure ensure that customers receive reliable and efficient solutions for their fluid handling needs.

Part of a Larger Engineering Group

WMFTS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, a FTSE 100 company. This association has further strengthened their position in the global market and their commitment to engineering a more efficient, safer, and sustainable world.

Sustainable Value Creation

WMFTS focuses on creating sustainable value for all stakeholders. They are dedicated to developing smarter, cleaner, and safer business practices, aligning with modern environmental and social responsibilities. The company's operations are guided by the One Planet sustainability strategy launched by their parent group, Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc.

Recent Developments

Watson-Marlow recently announced a name change to Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions, reflecting their strategic focus on delivering end-to-end fluid management solutions. This change aligns with their commitment to innovation and sustainable growth, ensuring they continue to meet the evolving needs of their customers.


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