miniPERM Classic Bioreactor Roller Bottle by VIVASCIENCE/Sarstedt, Cell Cuture


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Product Overview

You will receive two complete "miniPERM classic" 35 ml high-density culture modules, just like those seen in the photos. The only difference is that yours will be in unopened packaging. I only opened one set so you can see the bioreactor's quality and authenticity. 

These modules are well-past their "Best Before" date of 2005. However, upon inspection, everything is clean, and the integrity of the packaging seals shows no signs of being compromised. That being said, I don't know if these being past their expiration date is an issue or not.

Due to the age of the reactors they were originally marketed by VIVASCIENCE. Newer miniPERMS are now offered by Sarstedt AG & Co. KG.

The required motor roller/Universal Turning Device is not included.

Some additional info I dug up on these:

"Sarstedt offers a small easy-to-handle bioreactor for the cultivation of eukaryotic cells (mammalian, insect and plant cells) in high density and, therefore, 
for biomass production and the production of cell products. The sub-division of the bioreactor into production and nutrient modules and the rotating cultivation allow for the production of highly concentrated cell products in small volumes. Depending on the cell line, densities of more than 107 cells/ml and product concentrations of several mg/ml can be achieved."

"The MiniPERM bior-eactor is a modified roller bottle apparatus. The roller bottle vessel is partitioned by a dialysis membrane (12.5 Kd MW cut off) separating the nutrient module from the production module. 
The nutrient module holds 400 ml of media while the production module houses 35ml of hybridoma cells with the initial total cell concentration of 7 x 106. Cell viability and Mab concentrations can be monitored daily by removing 0.3-0.5ml of cell/supernatant sample. The production module is tapped (20-30ml/tap) every two to three days after the rapid growth is established (20 x 106 cells/ml)."

MPN: 94.6001.059