MKS Newport Nirvana 2001 Optical Receiver, 300-1050 nm, Modified Power, Used


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Product Overview

The MKS Newport Nirvana 2001 Front End Optical Receiver stands out as a premium choice for high-fidelity fiber-optic communication. Offered in used but excellent cosmetic condition, these units are believed to be fully operational, although testing has not been conducted. Notably, the original battery compartment has been adapted for use with power leads instead of standard 9V batteries.

Key attributes of the Nirvana 2001 model:

  • Wavelength Adaptability: 300-1050 nm silicon detector accommodates a wide optical range.
  • Operational Bandwidth: Up to 200 kHz, optimal for systems requiring modest bandwidth with low noise.
  • Connectivity Options: Includes FC/CP and 8-32 connectors for comprehensive applications.
  • Enhanced Noise Reduction: Engineered to minimize common sources of noise and drift.
  • Integrated Filters: Equipped with adjustable high-pass and low-pass filters for signal optimization.

Also included is the Model 9957 Optical Pedestal. Both items come with free shipping to the 48 contiguous states in the USA.

The MKS Newport Nirvana 2001 Optical Receiver is perfectly suited for physicists, optical engineers, and laboratory professionals who require precision and low-noise performance in their optical systems. Its modified power setup is ideal for those looking for a seamless integration with existing systems that use power leads. The inclusion of adjustable filters and variable-gain amplifiers makes it a versatile tool for a range of applications, from laboratory research to high-speed data communication.

MPN: 2001