Warner Electric 8107-101-002 Ball Screw Wiper Kit, R-0702/R-0705, Unused

Warner Electric

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Product Overview

Introducing the Warner Electric 8107-101-002 Ball Screw Wiper Kit, a pivotal component in maintaining the longevity and performance of ball screw assemblies. This unused, complete kit is also known as R-0702/R-0705, indicating its compatibility and versatility.

Key features of the Wiper Kit:

  • Enhanced Protection: Wipers effectively prevent dirt and foreign matter from infiltrating the ball nut.
  • Longevity Support: By shielding the ball-bearing screws, these wipers contribute significantly to the extended lifespan of the assembly.
  • Easy Installation: The kit includes end caps that facilitate the secure positioning of the wipers on the ball nut.

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The Warner Electric 8107-101-002 Ball Screw Wiper Kit is particularly suitable for mechanical engineers, maintenance technicians, and professionals involved in machinery manufacturing or repair. Its ability to protect ball-bearing screws from dirt and debris makes it an essential component for those who work with precision machinery, CNC machines, and other equipment requiring meticulous maintenance for optimal performance.

MPN: 8107-101-002