Rare Double-Sided Sliver Solar Cells - Evaluation Kit (100 slivers) - World's Thinnest!

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Evaluation Kit (100 slivers)

These wafers have thousands of small "sliver" solar cells that are bifacial (double sided) meaning that they can harvest sunlight from both sides!  These Sliver solar cell/wafers were invented at the Australian National University with funding assistance from the Australian Government and Origin Energy. Later they were manufactured by the now defunct company, Transform Solar.

Each solar cell is approximately 1mm wide by 55mm long by only 50 microns thick - making it the world's thinnest monocrystalline cell. And because they are so thin they are also very lightweight.  The two long sides of each sliver are the +Positive and -Negative contacts.  Using a multimeter you can determine the polarity of each side.  Each cell supplies a maximum of 0.5 volts.

Each wafer is just shy of 8” in diameter and about 1/8 of an inch thick. One wafer contains thousands of slivers. They are very fragile and we take great care to pack them safely for shipping.

Sorry, that's all we know about these wafers/solar cells.  If you come across any specifications such as current, spectral response or external quantum efficiency, please share it with us.  This was a really unique technology that could have changed the landscape of photovoltaic panels!

You might try this youtube video for more information:


Feedback from one of our buyers:

“From what I'm understanding about these cells, they are quite a bit more powerful and so, so much smaller. They are ten times as durable as most cells out there today! I don't know why this company went out of business because this idea was really advanced at the time.”

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