Hannay Reels 8000 Series BP8238-39-40, w/ Custom 360° Turning Base & Reel Guide

Hannay Reels

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Hannay Reels model # BP8238-39-40-15.5.RT. Rated reel capacity 225' of 2" line, 258 lbs.This unit appears to be unused and, from our visual inspection, is in excellent condition. One thing to be aware of is that the drive motor is missing, and you will need to install one. Also, there's the as-to-be expected dirt and dust from storage (mfg. 4/25/2013), but overall this professional-grade industrial reel is top-notch.The reel comes mounted to a swivel base of exceptional quality. With an entire 360-degree movement and a spring-pin locking mechanism, this sturdy base is the perfect accessory. The base measures 41" x 35". Thus, the overall height floor to reel is 54".This particular Hannay reel features a well-designed, stock hose guide that neatly plays out and retrieves the hose (hose is not included).We're not entirely sure of the original design application. However, our understanding is that the 8000 Series is intended for Bulk Transfer / Fueling Applications / Chemical Transfer / General Dispensing / Suction / Discharge, according to the website. There's a badge on this unit that says, "Not for LP Gas...".Flat Rate Freight shipping is just $450.00 delivered to business addresses with loading dock or forklift in the 48 contiguous states in the USA. Therefore, this item is sold AS-IS, with returns not accepted due to the size, weight, and low flat-rate freight shipping.

MPN: BP8238-39-40