SICK Long-Range 360° LiDAR Scanner, 2.5-250m, LD-LRS3600 - Unused


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Product Overview

Sick Lidar Scanner LD-LRS3600
High-Performance, Long-Distance Laser Scanner for Outdoor Areas

New and unused in the manufacturer's packaging. This item has been opened for the purpose of inspection and photography only.
This sensor does not come with mounting brackets or hardware. Each sensor offered looks just like the one pictured.
They will be shipped in their original packaging. Shipping is free within the 48 contiguous states of the USA.

  • Long-range, high-performance lidar scanners for outdoor and indoor use
  • 360° Aperture angle
  • Class 1 laser, operating at the  ? = 905 nm (invisible infrared light)
  • 2d SICK sensor
  • Scanning ranges of 2.5m up to 250m
  • 24VDC supply voltage
  • Configuration using SOPAS ET software for PC
  • Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-422 serial data interfaces
  • Harting plug terminal for easy wiring
  • Internal heater


  • Container automation: determining and logging positions
  • Piece goods: surveying shape, position and volume of objects
  • Bulk materials: determination of volume and contours, determination of angle of repose, stockpile measurement
  • Crane control: profile measurement, collision protection, position detection and guidance
  • Surveying: floor plan surveying, longitudinal and cross profiles in buildings
  • Mining: tunnel and cavern measurement
  • Buildings: facility protection, access control, safeguard of facades and areas

SICK USA part number: 1060831

Additional product information and specifications from SICK.