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Space Food

Posted by TV on

Whilst getting in the mood to celebrate the Apollo 50th anniversary of the with a thermostabilized pouch of fruit goodness, I wanted to share some interesting reads on the subject of food in space:

The History of Space Food.

Wikipedia - Space Food

First Meal in Space

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Timelapse - 45 Years of Trees Gone

One spring morning before heading off to Obtainium Science & Industry HQ, I noticed the new owners of the house across the street had decided to remove some 45+ years worth of trees. Looked like the Timmy's Tree Service was going to be there for a while. So on a lark, I set up [...]

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Hubbell Plugs - Lower than Amazon & Shipped Fast, Free for You

Recently a very generous supplier was able to set us up with a great price on these three different types of Hubbell plugs.Hubbell HBL2621, Locking Plug, 30 amp, L6-30P Hubbell HBL2711, L14-30P Twist Lock PlugHubbell HBL2811, 4 Pole, 30A 120/208VI've also published YouTube reviews of these products so you can see for yourself the build quality [...]

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U-2 SR-71 Spy Plane Aerial Camera Lens, Perkin Elmer 36" F/4.0

Some years back we had the good fortune to obtain an Aerial camera lens, of a type that was used in several US spy planes such as the U-2 and SR-71. It was snatched up rather quickly by a private collector that would neither confirm nor deny that he'd recognized the serial number as that of one belonging [...]

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Check Out Our New YouTube Channel.

When still pictures just can't tell the entire story - We've started a YouTube channel to provide you with more information on specific products.ObtainSurplus YouTube ChannelCheck it out and let us know what you think.

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Automated ​Algae Harvester Machine - Origin Oil EWS A4

Algae Harvester MachineAlgae farming is considered a suitable alternative for crude oil as the crude oil reserves are lowering and the price is rising consistently, the World has started looking for alternatives such as biofuels produced from Algae as its production is estimated to be 50% cheaper than crude oil.This is not all, Algae produces high-quality feed for fish farms, [...]

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Elon Musk: "Apparently there is a car in orbit around Earth."

Live Views of SpaceX's Starman"Yes, sending a sports car and astronaut-themed dummy into space is largely ridiculous — but the vehicle does serve an actual purpose. When new rockets are tested, they often carry a demonstration cargo load, like blocks of concrete or steel, to simulate the weight the rocket must lift into space. But [...]

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Sweet Local Deals - Idaho Industrial & Business Surplus - Buy / Sell

We've listed some great local deals on this new Facebook Buy/Sell Group:Idaho Industrial & Business Surplus - Buy / SellJoin the Group and get regular updates on special items - priced to move!

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Japan's zero-gravity space drone sends first pictures from ISS

From BBC News:Japan's zero-gravity space drone sends first pictures from ISS"Japan's space agency has released the first images taken by a drone it operates on the International Space Station (ISS)."There is a bit of a resemblance...Vincent or Bob?

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'Disappointed because he's not going to the moon anytime soon.'

We present: The Dejected Spaceman T-Shirt.  T-Shirt: Not going to the moon anytime soon. Amazon has a pretty neat program where you can upload and sell T-shirts you design.  So, we're trying it out...  Our first offering is called: Dejected Spaceman.  And to make good on our philosophy of helping others do great things, a portion of [...]

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